Founded by Tosin Koleola in 2020, PureRose Lingerie was established with one thing in mind, to create lingerie that champions female empowerment and inclusivity. To inspire and empower women to be confident and comfortable in their own skin. To produce high-quality women's lingerie that caters to women of all shapes and sizes, allowing them to exude beauty and self-confidence. 

Luxurious Style & Comfort

Our Founder 

“Lingerie is an empowering means of self-love. When you wear lingerie that you find beautiful, elegant, sexy, comforting or anything else, you are loving yourself for who you are and showing yourself the right kind of love and care. Wearing lingerie just for yourself is a wonderful way to celebrate your body. It doesn’t matter your size, shape, weight, height or any other physical characteristic. 

Lingerie celebrates you and can make you feel wonderful even if you don’t always love everything about your body. All women have something about themselves that they wish they could change, but when you’re in a favourite lingerie set, it’s a different feeling. PureRose celebrates women that create their own kind of beauty.”

Tosin Koleola
Founder & CEO


We are committed to ethical trade, manufacturing and working conditions in all our factories. While this industry, we admit isn't perfect, we are constantly striving for ways to improve on our sustainable and ethical practices.


We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure we continue to work with an ethical and safe facility, and we intend to visit as many as possible to see with our own eyes how the garments we all love are being made. By this, we hope to ensure conditions are abiding by our strict code of conduct for an ethical, safe and happy workplace for our entire supply chain. The happier and safer the staff in the factories that produce our garments, the better quality pieces we can provide our customers.


We work closely with our supply chain to ensure ethical and safe practices at every stage of the manufacturing process. We aim to visit as many of our suppliers as possible to see with our own eyes how the products we love are being made. By this, we hope to ensure the manufacturing of our products are ethical and sustainable. 

PureRose Lingerie


We try to ensure all our products are sustainable. We avoid ordering large quantities of fabric to be produced just for us - we like to use what we already have. We keep our packaging to a minimum to avoid wastage and landfill. Whilst we currently have to package in polybags for hygiene reasons and to avoid your garments being damaged, we’re hoping to move to more sustainable bags in future. 

PureRose Lingerie

Giving Back

We’re excited about giving back and plan to announce many charitable initiatives in the near future, where we can give back to good causes. As we grow, we plan to increase the amount of our charitable donations. We look forward to bringing you onboard this journey and announcing all our new initiatives soon!

PureRose Lingerie

You Can Help

How can you help? Please do your bit to help the environment by reusing polybags received when returning an item. If you're having trouble with sizes, please reach out to us before placing an order, we’re always happy to help you find the best fit first time round to avoid unnecessary shipping. Our commitment to the planet & people is ever ongoing, and we look forward to announcing further continuous improvements to our processes.

PureRose Lingerie
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